Facebook Messenger Games: Exploitations in Client-side vs Server-side Solutions

Article (2016): https://bit.ly/fbgameexploit

Introduction: With the increase in players on Facebook Messenger’s gaming platform, I found it fitting to investigate possible opportunities for video-game cheating. I was able to generate unlimited gold (in certain games) and choose whatever score I liked to display on Facebook.

Video Demonstration

Information Security: Its Importance and How to Protect Yourself with SSH Tunneling (In-Depth Tutorial)

Article (2016): https://bit.ly/infosecssh

Introduction: With the prevalence of the internet in our daily lives, the need for security and privacy for our online selves becomes critical. In this article, I explore the depths of internet privacy and explicate a guide to protect oneself through secure-shell proxy tunneling.

SOCKS5 Proxy Tunnel in Waterfox