Web Development Portfolio

Web Development has always been one of my passions. Within this portfolio, you can find a variety of projects I have committed to.

Cartridge Express

Cartridge Express Shop in Cupertino


Urine-analyzing application to determine water-loss

Hong Kong Designer Beauty Salon

Hair design shop in San Francisco

My San Jose

Guide to all the sites in San Jose


Next Generation Sequencing Genomics (Variant analysis app)

Teach Biotech

Teach Biotech Nonprofit Organization

Shibuya Craftronics

Japanese company designing fashionable technology products


Web Development and Business Branding Agency


Javascript application integrating Wunderweather API to determine water-loss

Flashing Abacus

Web and MacOS application to practice mental arithmetic / abacus

Onodera Chemistry

Integrated API system for conflict calendar scheduling

Trainer Go Bag

Web e-commerce ready platform to sell Pokemon Go™ Bags

King Wah Chinese Food

Integrated API system for to-go order printing