Work Experience

Learning pure academic concepts in school is only half the picture – I aspire to gain real-work experience in order to paint a better picture of the world outside Cupertino. Web Development and IDE Intern 

2016 Summer – Present is an international deep-learning neural network focused startup which aims to help clients derive useful data patterns and structures.


Duties: As an IDE and web development intern, I learned ReactJS and Jquery-Ajax to improve the visualization of the results of the training datasets from the web interface.

Sentieon Bioinformatics

Sentieon Bioinformatics Research Intern

2015 Summer – Present

Sentieon Bioinformatics: Sentieon is a Silicon-valley based startup which aims to create more efficient variant analysis software.


Duties: As an intern, I gained experience running different genome analysis softwares, from variant calling software to protein expression algorithms. I created a web-application using Sentieon software and have wrriten a 15 page report on similar variant calling software.


Lubble CEO and Founder

2015 - Present

Lubble: Lubble is a web development agency I created to help businesses and organizations develop their online presence, including website design, social-media marketing, and business infrastructure development.


My Role: CEO & Founder

Shibuya Craftronics

Shibuya Craftronics Head of Technology and Social Media

2016 Summer – Present

Shibuya Craftronics: Shibuya Craftronics is a Japanese company whose aim is to create and sell fashionable technology products, including smart briefcases, rice cookers, and radio-toolboxes.


Duites: As the head of technology, I developed a custom SUSE linux operating system for the Shibuya Craftronics toolbox radio, built an e-commerce and developer platform with the capability for overseas shipping. In addition, I am currently prepared products for social media initiatives, including a planned Kickstarter campaign for March 2017.

Jin's Mental Arithmetic Academy

Jin’s Mental Arithmetic Academy Student Teacher

2013 Summer – 2016

Jin’s Mental Arithmetic Academy: An abacus learning center for many, Jin’s Mental Arithmetic Academy is an institution to practice and compete in arithmetic problems, fostering a new generation of students who excel in all realms of mathematics.

Duties: As a student teacher, I helped teach students abacus techniques and made an application, Flashin Abacus, to help students with computer-based arithmetic.