My journey into the world of arithmetic

Abacus (n.) – an oblong frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid, used for calculating. Often considered the pioneer for modern electrical computing.

I’ve been doing abacus at Jin’s Mental Arithmetic Academy since first grade. Abacus has unlocked many doors for me – it allowed me to understand logic systems, abacus’s influence on modern computing, and even facilitated my passions for web development and research.

In 6th grade, I participated in my first international abacus competition in Taiwan, shocked to find so many students who have come from all around the globe just to challenge the limits of number computation. With an abacus and a pen in our hands, we all devoted ourselves to the world of numbers. It was a day when abacus and mental math connected me to people I would not have met otherwise.

Mental math has given me a strong foundation for mathematical thinking and knowing how much I benefitted from it, I wanted to share this great tool of arithmetic with others. But the traditional method of sitting at a desk and snapping abacus beads is no longer appealing to our digital generation. To this end, I designed Flashing Abacus, a web application with the capability for abacus students everywhere to practice addition, multiplication, and all other forms of arithmetic.

Now, I am developing Flashing Abacus for its later adoption into the Japanese Technology and Gaming company, Sun Denshi, where I hope to spread the joys of arithmetic to a greater community.

Abacus Gallery

Snapshots of my experience in the world of abacus.